Body Sculpture 4kg Kettlebell


The Body Sculpture 4kg Kettlebell is perfect for getting a great cardio workout whilst also toning and strengthening all major muscle groups in the body.

Besides swinging, kettlebells can be used for performing thrusters, pistol squats, farmer’s walks, squats and hundreds of other strengthening exercises. They can also be used like dumbbells are are great for toning, building core strength and burning fat.

Designed with an extra wide grip handle this kettlebell provides a comfortable grip and helps to ensure you maintain a controlled action throughout your training. For your comfort, it also features a soft touch outer shell. The 4kg kettlebell is grey and features an orange strip.

Additional Information

Single kettlebell
Great for toning and strengthening
Perfect for core and all muscle groups
Ideal for cardio workout
Extra wide grip
Hugely versatile
Weight: 4kg