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Body Sculpture Core Slider Discs

The Body Sculpture Core Slider Discs are great for working and strengthening the abs and core muscles and can be used on most floor surfaces. They can be used for yoga, pilates, conditioning, aerobics and more and can be used for your fit or hands.

Because your hands and feet do not leave the floor, these sliders allow you to glide into planks, lunges, push up curls, hamstring curls and much more without placing any additional stress on your joints and tendons. The smooth side of the sliders is suitable for use on carpet flooring whilst the fabric side is designed for use on laminate and smooth floor surfaces.

Made from environmentally friendly and pressure-proof ABS engineered plastic and non-stop natural EVA fibre. 

Additional Information

Reduces strain on joints and tendons
Strengthens core
Diameter: 17.5cm (7")
Weight: 0.25kg
Fully compliant and certified for European safety standard EN957