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Body Sculpture Slim Waist Toner

The Body Sculpture Slim Waist Toner is perfect for improving posture along with promoting weight loss. It works by increasing perspiration and your core body temperature whilst you exercise, which in turn increases your metabolism and helps you to lose weight.

Made from neoprene, the waist toner is comfortable to wear during exercising and can be discreetly worn under gym clothing. The slim waist toner comes in one size, which fits most people and is secured using the hook and loop fastening. It is also machine washable meaning you can easily keep it clean and fresh.

Additional Information

Tighten and tone the hips, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, chest and arm muscles
To use, squeeze the Slim Toner together using arms or thighs
Ergonomic design with soft foam padding for comfort
Suitable for both men and women
Colour: Red