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Bytomic Elite Hand Grip

The Bytomic Elite Hand Grip is perfect if you want to improve your grip strength and develop stronger wrists and forearms. Grip strength is important for all activities that involve pushing or pulling, such as rowing and weightlifting and also for a sports that require holding a bat, racket, club or ball. Performance in these activities is often limited by poor or inadequate wrist strength or grip.

Made with a steel coil spring, these grippers are designed to withstand repetitive use but are small enough to be easily taken to the gym, to work or to sports practice. Available in a choice of resistance, either 100lb or 250lb, these hand grips are suitable for beginners or serious athletes.

Additional Information

Heavy duty hand grip
Ideal for many sports
Perfect for weight training
Steel coil spring
Durable construction
Available in 100lb or 250lb resistance
Colour: Silver