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Bytomic Smooth Foam Roller

The Bytomic Smooth Foam Roller is perfect for self-massage and releasing tension in muscles before, during or after exercise. Use before working out to warm up muscles and ensure your body is ready for action. After exercise, use it to work lactic acid out of aching muscles to improve recovery times and reduce stiffness. This massager is suitable for athletes of all sports, for those working at the gym or anyone who would benefit from improving circulation or reducing muscular pain.

Foam rollers are great for improving muscle flexibility, increasing core strength and encouraging better posture. This roller measures 45cm in length and can be used to work all major muscles by using against the floor, wall or other hard surface. The smooth surface of this durable roller makes it very easy to clean after use whilst its size and weight make it easy to cary to the gym, studio, workplace or training ground.

Additional Information

Foam roller
Suitable for athletes
Durable construction
Great for relaxing aching muscles
Improves flexibility and stability
Length: 45cm
Colour: Black