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Donic-Schildkröt Protection Line S500 Table Tennis Bat


The Donic-Schildkröt Protection Line S500 Table Tennis Bat features an innovative design that help protect the paddle from damage. Any school or public table tennis facility will be aware of the issue of plucked racket coverings that occur through use. The S500 Table Tennis Bat is built to prevent plucked coverings with its wider edge tapes that extend to the surface and therefore optimally protect the bat against this kind of unintentional damage. This makes the S500 great for facilities with regular bat use such as schools.

The S500 table tennis paddle is equipped with slightly more grippy ITTF approved Schildkroet Elite rubber and 1.5mm thick sponge making it an ideal option for training with spin/cut and a little faster game. The handle is built with a concave design which provides a good, comfortable grip.

The Protection Line S500 racket is the direct successor to the Team Germany 500 which has been a popular school sport racket for years.
Additional Information

Popular paddle for leisure and school use
Special, wider edge tapes extend to the edge of the surface
Designed for protect the paddle against plucking
Protection against damage to the base and sponge
Grippy ITTF approved Schildkroet Elite rubber
1.5mm thick sponge
Concave design handle offers a comfortable, secure grip
Dimensions: 26.3cm (L) x 14.6cm (W) x 2.4cm (H)
Colour: Black/red

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