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Empire Tapes Traditional Tape

The Empire Tapes Traditional Tape is a great alternative to zinc oxide tape which offers medical grade adhesion and a cost-effective solution for general gym and training sessions. It offers fantastic protection for fighters who are looking for good hand and wrist protection. Made from a white cotton blend fabric, this tape is easy to unwind to makes applying it very simple. The serrated edge makes it easy to tear to ensure you can achieve perfect wrapping. Available in a 13m length roll and a choice of widths (1.25cm, 2.5cm or 3.8cm) meaning there is a roll to suit your personal needs and preferences. White tape is approved for IBJJF competitions.
Additional Information

ape for fighters and gym use
Cotton blend
Alternative to zinc oxide tape
Easy to unwind
Simple to tear
Roll length: 13m
Choice of width: 1.25cm, 2.5cm or 3.8cm