Fitness Mad 12 Inch Exer-Soft Ball

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The Fitness Mad 12 Inch Exer-Soft Ball is a great way to make your fitness workout more interesting and challenging. The ball can help improve co-ordination and concentration and can be used to provide support during your floor exercises. It can also be used between your hands, arms and knees to provide resistance to help build strength and improve muscle toning.

Measuring 12 inches across, this soft ball is also great for helping with pelvic floor exercises. The ball is anti-slip, meaning you get a great grip and is also factory tested and shown to be burst-resistant at 100kg. If you are looking for a smaller sized ball, this soft ball is also available in 7 or 9 inch (sold separately).

Additional Information

12” soft exercise ball
Helps develop strength, endurance and co-ordination
Good for concentration and relaxation
Ideal for pelvic floor exercises
Material: Latex-free DINP PVC
Factory tested as burst resistant at 100kg
Colour: Grey