Fitness Mad 2kg Black Dumbbells

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The Fitness Mad 2kg Black Dumbbells are ideal for adding free weight training into your exercise routine. These dumbbells are commercial quality and made of cast iron. They are coated with neoprene to ensure you get a good grip regardless of how hard you work out. These weights are perfect for muscle toning and are also great for those rehabilitating from injury and who need to gradually  build up strength. 

Dumbbells are extremely versatile and can be used  to perform hundreds of different types of exercise, which can assist with toning and strengthening most muscle groups including the arms, shoulders, back, core, legs and glutes.  They are also great for burning fat and increasing fitness levels. The hexagonal design also helps to stop your dumbbells rolling away when you put them down after use.

Additional Information

Commercial gym quality
Ideal for hundreds offer weight exercises
Sold in pairs - 2 x 2kg dumbbells
Material - Neoprene coated cast iron
Hexagonal design
Colour - Black