Fitness Mad 4kg Kettlebell Pink


The Fitness Mad 4kg Cast Iron Kettlebell is a highly versatile and effective piece of gym equipment which is perfect for getting a great cardio workout whilst also working muscle groups through the entire body. Great for weight training, this kettlebell will help develop core strength, burn fat, tone most muscle groups as well as improve agility, balance and endurance. Swing either one or two-handed to build strength in the arms, shoulders, core and legs.

Use them like you would use dumbbells, perform goblet squats, use a pair of kettlebells to perform thrusters, clean and presses, pistol squats or farmer’s walks. There are hundreds of different exercises that you can do and with these kettlebells, you can do them all in the comfort of your own home.

This cast iron kettlebell is 4kg but other weights from 6kg to 24kg are also available (see our website). They all come with an oversized powder coated handle to ensure you get an excellent grip and can maximise your motion. This 4kg kettlebell comes in a pink coloured heavy duty vinyl skin which not only protects your floor but also has the weight clearly displayed on the side.

Additional Information

Great for fat burning and cardio
Perfect for toning and strengthening most muscle groups
Improves balance, agility and endurance
Oversized handle
Excellent grip
Coloured heavy duty vinyl skin
Weight: 4kg
Sold individually
Colour: Pink