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Fitness Mad 5kg Studio Pro Weighted Bar

The Fitness Mad 5kg Studio Pro Weighted Bar is great for increasing the intensity of your workout and also helping to tone and build muscle. Use the bar to add weight to bodyweight exercises such as lunges and squats or to upper body weightlifting exercises like bicep curls, shoulder presses and chest presses.

By adding the weight you will increase the intensity of your workout and will see better results. The bar measures 123cm long and has a diameter of 37mm so it much easier to grip than a dumbbell or barbell. The weight of the bar is also evenly distributed across the whole length of the bar.

This bar has blue end caps which have the weight clearly embossed for easy identification and which also help protect your floor . The caps also stop your bar from rolling on the floor when not in use. Perfect for bootcamps, HIIT, circuit training, aerobics, weight lifting and for use in your home gym.

This bar is made with a solid iron core, which has been welded into place to prevent rattling during use. There is an outer tube, made from steel, which is powder coated to improve durability. The outer skin is made of NBR and offers a solid and comfortable grip during use. 

Additional Information

Great alternative to dumbbells
Adds intensity to your workout
Helps define and tone muscle
Weight: 5kg
Dimensions - 123cm (L) x 37mm (diameter)
Solid iron core
Steel outer tube with powder coating
NBR outer skin
Blue rubber end caps
Sold individually