Fitness Mad Mega Bar Grips


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The Fitness Mad Mega Bar Grips are a perfect way to increase muscle and strength in your hands and arms. Just place the bar grips onto your dumbbell, barbell or cable attachment to increase the diameter of the handle. By forcing your hands into a more open position, you will need to grip harder. Proven to increase muscle activation and grip strength, these thick bar grips are easily transportable so can be used in the gym as well as at home. Each grip bar is 9.8cm long and 4.7cm in diameter and are designed to remain securely in place during your strength workout.
Additional Information

Sold as a pair
Improves grip strength
Increases muscle activation
Remain in place during use
Made from durable silicon
Easily fits into gym bag
9.8cm long x 4.7cm diameter
Colour: Blue