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Fitness Mad Mini Power Loop Set

The Fitness Mad Mini Power Loop Set of 5 is a bundle containing five mini loops, each with a different level of resistance. It allows you the option to progress your workout as your strength increases or to use different strength bands when exercising different muscles. Mini loops are great for getting a full lower body workout that targets the glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps. This set contains one band of each of the following resistances: extra light, light, medium, strong and extra strong. Made from lates, the bands are durable and ideal for toning and strengthening muscles as well for rehabilitation. Simply use around the ankles, thighs or arms for a workout you can perform in the gym, at home or at work.
Additional Information

Mini power loop set of 5 bands
Various resistance
Great for lower body workouts
Made from latex
Dimensions: 35cm long (in unstretched state)
Maximum stretch is 2.5 times original length