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Fitness Mad Neoprene Ankle Wrist Weights 2 x 2kg


The Fitness Mad Neoprene 2kg Ankle Wrist Weights will give your workout an intensity boost whilst also improving muscle toning, building strength and developing fitness. These weights can be worn on either the wrists or the ankles and can be discreetly worn during a whole range of different workout activities. Perfect for use when running or walking, aerobic training, when using CV equipment or when training for a wide variety of different sports.

The weights are made from neoprene so they are breathable and comfortable to wear. The fastenings enable the weights to be put on and taken off easily. They can also be wiped down after use to keep them looking good.

Additional Information

Ankle/wrist weights
Made from neoprene
Filled with iron sand
Can be wiped clean
Sold as a pair: 2 x 2kg
Colour: Black