Fitness Mad Neoprene Ankle Wrist Weights 2 x 0.5kg


The Fitness Mad Neoprene 0.5kg Ankle Wrist Weights are perfect for introducing more intensity to your workout whilst at the same time helping you build strength, improve muscle tone and develop cardiovascular fitness.

These weights can be attached to either your ankles or wrists and can be worn during a whole range of fitness and workout activities. Wear whilst jogging, cycling, boxing, walking and more for more intense exercise and better results.

Made from breathable neoprene, these comfortable weights are filled with iron sand. The handy fastenings enable a snug fit and make removal quick and easy after use.

Additional Information

Ankle/wrist weights
Made from neoprene
Filled with iron sand
Can be wiped clean
Sold as a pair: 2 x 0.5kg
Colour: Black