Fitness Mad Neoprene Ankle Wrist Weights 2 x 1kg


The Fitness Mad 1kg Neoprene Ankle Wrist Weights are ideal for building strength, improving fitness and getting a more intense workout. These weights are versatile and can be worn on either your ankles or wrists. They can be worn whilst walking, jogging, sprinting or during sports training. They can also be worn whilst working out at the gym, using a treadmill or exercise bike or during martial arts training.

The weights are made from breathable neoprene and can easily be wiped down after use. They come with simple to use fastenings so you can get them on and off quickly.

Additional Information

Ankle/wrist weights
Made from neoprene
Filled with iron sand
Can be wiped clean
Sold as a pair: 2 x 1kg
Colour: Black