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Fitness Mad Resistance Tube and User Guide

The Fitness Mad Resistance Tube is perfect for easily adding resistance training to your workout to increase strength and muscle toning. Available in three different strengths - light, medium or strong - they are suitable for users of all types and can be used individually or combined with other tubes to increase the resistance..

With safety in mind, these tubes have been made from a multi-stranded rubber core with a protective nylon covering, which prevents the possibility of a sudden tube failure, that can occur with simple latex tubing. The rubber provides natural and progressive resistance and are totally safe for those with latex allergies.

Integral foam covered handles ensure you enjoy a good comfortable grip throughout your workout. The resistance level is marked on the handles to make identification easier Also included in the box is a user guide showing 10 key resistance exercises for a total body workout. All tubes are sold individually. 

Additional Information

Choice of three resistance bands
Great for strength and toning
Dimensions - 130cm length
Multi-stranded rubber core, foam handles
Max product stretch - 3 times original length
Strengths - Light (Light Blue) / Medium (Pink) / Strong (Dark Blue)