Fitness Mad Skipping Speed Rope


The Fitness Mad Speed Rope is perfect for getting a great cardio workout that improves speed, co-ordination, fat burn and agility. The easy grip.low density handles allow for a smooth and rapid action, helping you workout for sports and for fitness improvement. Available in a choice of length - 8ft, 9ft or 10ft - meaning there is a speed rope for users of all sizes and ability. 8ft rope is suitable for users under 5ft 4 inches. 9ft rope is suitable for users between 5ft 4 inches and 5ft 10 inches. 10ft rope is suitable for users 5ft 11 inches and over. Each length comes in a different colour - Purple (8ft), Blue (9ft) and Black (10ft)
Additional Information

Great for cardio and speed
Perfect for fat-burn and co-ordination
Smooth action
Nylon cord
Available in 3 different lengths - 8ft, 9ft or 10ft
Each length is a different colour