Fitness Mad Spare Aerobic Step Riser


The Fitness Mad Spare Aerobic Step Riser is perfect for adding extra height to your Fitness Mad Aerobic Step. By raising your platform height, you can increase the challenge and benefits of your step workout.  The spare riser is easy to attach to your Fitness Mad platform and you will need one for each end to raise the step evenly. Each pair of risers raises the height of your step by 5cm. They also have a sleek black design and anti-slip pads and the overall dimensions are 41cm (L) x 41cm (W) x 8cm (H - gives a 5cm rise). This item is sold in quantities of one, so if you require a pair please select ‘2’ for the quantity.
Additional Information

Sleek black design
Suitable for professional or home use
Anti slip pads on platform and steps
Max user weight 200kg
Manufactured from high density polyethylene
(5cm riser)
Sold singly