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Fitness Mad Universal Training Pull Up Bar

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The Fitness Mad Universal Training Bar allows any room to be turned into a gym. It can be attached to most door frames to perform multi-position pull ups, chin ups & suspended crunches. Placed at the bottom of the door frame the universal training bar acts as a sit-up bar and when placed on the floor it becomes a multi-position push-up bar making the universal training bar a perfect training companion.

Highly versatile construction fabricated from quality steel makes the universal training bar highly durable, while the soft NBR foam protects the door frame.

Additional Information

Ideal for pull ups, chin ups, suspended crunches, sit ups, dips, push ups and more
NBR foam for comfort and door frame protection
Includes a basic user guide and assembly and installation instructions
Limited self-assembly required
Maximum weight capacity: 120kg
Warning - This product should only be used in doorways in solid walls, which have sturdy door frames
Suits door frame openings between 70cm and 78cm with door frame depths between 11cm and 16cm
NOT FOR USE in door frames that do not meet this criteria