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Gold's Gym Hook Lifting Straps

The Gold's Gym Hook Lifting Straps are ideal for helping you to lift more weight and do more repetitions by addressing the limiting factor of weak grip. Simply secure the straps around your wrist and ensure the steel hook fits around your bar. These hooks are made from sturdy steel and can be used on any size of bar.  

They can be used for a variety of exercises including deadlifts, rows, shrugs, rack pulls and pull ups and the hooks ensure that you continue holding onto the bar throughout your workout. They enable you to lift beyond the strength of your grip by effectively securing the weight to your wrists and hands.

These hook lifting straps have an ergonomic design which relieves stress to your hands and wrists. Sold as a pair, the Gold's Gym Hook Lifting Straps are durable and well suited to intense workout sessions.

Additional Information

Pair of Gold's Gym hook lifting straps
Helps you lift more weight and perform more repetitions
Ideal for many exercises including deadlifts, shrugs and rows
Removes the limitations of grip fatigue
Target the muscle groups you want
Solid steel hooks
High quality webbing and wrist wrap fastening system
Durable and lightweight
Bar and weights not included
Colour: Black