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HXGN 12kg Hex Dumbbell Set

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The HXGN Hex 12kg Dumbbell Set is perfect for strengthening and toning and can be used for those looking to add more intensity to their workout. This weight set is made up of 2 x 1kg, 2 x 2kg and 2 x 3kg dumbbells meaning you can use different weights when targeting different body parts. These vinyl coated Hex dumbbells are long lasting, comfortable to hold and are easy to store when not in use.

Dumbbells are very versatile and there are hundreds of different exercises you can perform to work your arms, shoulders, core, back, chest, legs and glues. They are also good for helping with weight loss, muscle toning, building strength or improving overall health.  The dumbbells in this  set have a neat hexagonal design meaning they will not roll around on your floor.

Additional Information

Set of 6 Hex dumbbells
Set comprises: 2 x 1kg, 2 x 2kg and 2 x 3kg
Smooth vinyl coating
6 sided design to prevent rolling
Great for strengthening and toning
Use for hundreds of free weight exercises
Target arms, shoulders, back, chest, abs, legs and glutes
Helpful for fat loss and calorie burn
Can be used for rehabilitation and warm-up purposes
Suitable for all fitness levels
Colour: Black

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