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HXGN Angled Push Up Parallels

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The HXGN Angled Push-Up Parallels are a 2-in-1 set of parallettes and push up bars which will help you take your gymnastic and push up training to a new level. Perfect for calisthenics, the HXGN parallel handles allow you to perform a wide range of bodyweight exercises to strengthen and tone the upper body.

The slightly angled design of the handles helps reduce stress on the wrists and minimises the risk of injury. The raised handles allow for a deeper stretch and greater range of motion than a typical floor push up which in turn increases muscle engagement for better results.

The bars are designed with soft air flow foam grips which ensure a comfortable, solid grip even when your hands are sweaty. The base of the parallels have non-slip feet which provide stability on any floor type.

Sold as a pair, the HXGN angled parallels can be positioned on the floor for a narrow, mid or wide grip to suit your personal training needs. The parallels are close to the ground which also enables safer gymnastic training such as when performing L-sits. Lightweight and compact, the bars are easy to pack in your gym bag or store at home when not in use.

Additional Information

2-in-1 parallels and push-up bars
Ideal for gymnastics, push ups and calisthenics
Angled handles to reduce wrist strain
Non-slip feet
Soft air flow foam handles
Raised handles for increased muscle activation
Close to ground parallettes for safer gymnastic training
Lightweight and compact
Sold as a pair
Colour: Black/red

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