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Iron Gym Exercise Ball - 65cm

The Iron Gym 65cm Exercise Ball is perfect for strengthening and toning your abs, back, legs and obliques whilst improving flexibility, posture, co-ordination and balance during your fitness workout.

Ideal for push ups, sit ups, leg raises and dumbbell workouts, this anti-burst gym ball creates instability during your exercises, challenging your core and stabiliser muscles to work harder. Great for stretching, the Iron Gym Exercise Ball can enhance spinal stability and muscle tone in all the major muscle groups.

Many people have replaced their computer chairs at home or work with an exercise ball to help correct posture and strengthen vital core muscles whilst sitting.

Made from burst-resistant material and including a pump, the 65cm Gym Ball is most suitable for people between 166 and 185 cm (approx 5ft 5in to 6ft 1in) and offers a versatile training accessory for use at home, the office or the gym.
Additional Information

Original Iron Gym product
Diameter: 65cm
Anti-burst construction
Perfect for improving core strength, posture and balance
Pump included
Comes in original Iron Gym retail packaging
Colour: Black