Iron Gym Lifting Straps

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The Iron Gym Lifting Straps help reduce grip fatigue and give a comfortable and secure grip on the bar during any lifting or pulling exercise. Simply slide a strap onto each wrist and adjust for a comfortable fit. Then wrap the loose end of the strap around the bar and grip it.

The Iron Gym Lifting Straps will comfortably maximise your grip and maximise your repetitions by eliminating grip fatigue and enabling you to lift more weight. By reducing stress on your wrists and forearms, you can focus on targeting the muscles that matter, concentrating on good technique, lifting more and getting stronger.

Sold as a pair, each strap is 58cm long and 4cm wide and made with neoprene padding. They are suitable for all wrist sizes and are a perfect addition for your strength training workout.

Additional Information

Genuine Iron Gym product
Sold as a pair
Eliminates grip fatigue
Maximises repetitions and lift more weight
Suitable for all levels
Padded straps for extra comfort
Strap dimensions: L 58 x W 4cm
Comes in original Iron Gym retail packaging
Colour: Black