Sorry, this item has been discontinued

Iron Gym Parallel Bars

Sold as a pair, the Iron Gym Parallel bars and are a simple and effective tool allowing you to take your push up and gymnastic training to a new level. The Parallels push up stands have an angled design to reduce strain on your wrists and joints whilst helping you strengthen and tone your upper body.

The Parallels non-slip base allows a greater range of motion and a deeper, more intensive stretch than achieved with regular push-ups and are suitable for all floor types. Multiple exercises will help your achieve a toned and balanced physique.

Ideal for toning and strengthening your back, arms, core, wrists, hips and shoulders. Lightweight and compact, the Iron Gym Parallels are easy to store and easy to pack when travelling.

Additional Information

Set of 2 x Parallels push up bars
Non-slip feet allows greater range of exercises
Anti-slip handles
Angled design to reduce muscle and joint strain
Ideal for push-up and gymnastic training
Original Iron Gym product
Comes in original Iron Gym retail packaging
Colour: Black and red