Molten BG2010 Indoor & Outdoor Basketball


Experience the Grip, Master Your Game

Molten is committed to delivering top-tier basketballs for FIBA and the global basketball community. Through the fusion of cutting-edge technology and unparalleled craftsmanship, Molten consistently produces products that meet the standards of the world's most esteemed basketball athletes.

The Molten® BG2010 basketball: Your quintessential training ball, suitable for aspiring players of all ages. An excellent choice for educational institutions.

Available in Size 7 (Official size & weight), Size 6, and Size 5

Enhanced Fingertip Command

Emulating the structure of authentic leather Molten basketballs, the BG2010 boasts deeper channels, enhancing your ability to control the ball with your fingertips when aiming for a shot. With 12 panels on the ball, these additional seams are more conspicuous, making them easier to locate when you're lining up that swift three-pointer!

A Premium Rubber Basketball

Harnessing the qualities of remarkably durable natural resin rubber, this ball offers an exceptional grip compared to standard rubber basketballs, providing a sensation as if the ball adheres to your hand. The pebble-textured surface ensures that the grip remains steadfast, even when exposed to water or sweat.

Versatile for both indoor and outdoor use, excelling on courts regardless of location.

The BG2010 stands as the ultimate choice for training and drills.

Nylon-wound butyl bladder, ensuring added strength and shape retention during play.

Endorsed by the Elite

Thanks to the superior quality and resilience of these basketballs, the BG2010 has received approval from FIBA, the international governing body for basketball. Fédération Internationale de Basketball is a consortium of national organizations that oversee the sport of basketball on a global scale.

Striking and Functional Design

Featuring the patented 12-panel Giugiaro design. Giorgetto Giugiaro, the visionary behind Molten’s iconic GIUIGIARO design and one of the foremost industrial designers globally, aspires to harmonise practicality and Italian aesthetics in his creations. This groundbreaking design emerged from the fusion of Molten’s innovative technology with his artistic vision.

The eye-catching 12-panel configuration provides optimal visibility and fingertip control during play, covering passing, dribbling, defending, stealing, and shooting.

Additional Information

Cover Material: Premium Rubber
Approval: FIBA Approved
Playing Surface: Indoor, Outdoor
Grade: Training / Recreation, Schools
Surface Texture: Pebble Texture
Colour: Orange/Ivory

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