Molten BGR Basketball - Green/Black


The Molten® BGR basketball stands as the quintessential training ball for emerging players, making it an excellent choice for educational institutions. Available in two sizes: Size 7 (official size and weight) and size 5.

Exceptional Rubber Basketball

Crafted using highly durable natural resin rubber, this basketball offers an unparalleled grip, providing a sensation of the ball adhering to your hand. The pebble-textured surface ensures this grip remains steadfast, even when exposed to water or sweat.

Versatile for Both Indoor and Outdoor Play

Suitable for play on a variety of courts, both indoors and outdoors, the BGR performs exceptionally in any environment, making it ideal for training and drills.

Robust Construction

The BGR features a nylon-wound butyl bladder, enhancing strength and ensuring shape retention during play.

Innovative and Practical Design

Boasting a patented 12-panel Giugiaro design, this basketball showcases the creative vision of Giorgetto Giugiaro, one of the world's leading industrial designers. This design seamlessly blends utility with Italian beauty, a fusion of Molten's innovative technology and artistic innovation.

Elevated Gameplay

The eye-catching 12-panel design not only offers a striking appearance but also enhances visibility and fingertip control during play, from passing and tackling to stealing and shooting.

Experience Exceptional Grip, Master Your Game

Molten's commitment to producing top-tier basketballs for FIBA and the global basketball community remains unwavering. Through a fusion of innovative technology and superior craftsmanship, Molten continues to create products that meet the exacting standards of the world's elite basketball stars.

Additional Information

Cover Material: Premium Rubber
Bladder: Butyl
Playing Surface: Indoor, Outdoor
Grade: Training/Recreation,Schools
Surface Texture: Pebble Texture

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