NET1 Millennium Basketball Hoop

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Versatile for All Skill Levels

The NET1 Millennium portable basketball hoop is a versatile choice suitable for various levels of play, from recreational basketball to high-level practice. Its pro-style polycarbonate backboard and spring-loaded rim mimic the bounce of professional-grade hoops like those used in the NBA and BBL, delivering an authentic experience. The offset design of the basket, along with a protective pole pad, ensures safety during play, allowing for direct lay-ups and action beneath the net.

Designed for Both Adults and Kids

The Millennium system offers full adjustability, ranging from the regulation height of 10 feet (3.05m) down to 7 feet 6 inches (2.28m), catering to younger basketball enthusiasts. Changing the height is a breeze – simply remove the pin and slide it into the desired position.

Suitable for All Conditions

Constructed from weather-resistant materials, this system is built to withstand the elements without rusting or sustaining damage. Whether you're playing outdoors on a basketball court, in a playground, or in your garden or driveway, the Millennium hoop can handle it all.

Effortless Installation

Assembling the Millennium hoop at home is a straightforward process, requiring minimal tools. Given its size and stability, it's recommended to have two people for assembly. Once assembled, fill the base with water or sand (sand is preferred for preventing freezing in colder climates).

Highly Portable

The front wheel on the base enhances the system's portability. Simply tilt it back to 45 degrees and roll it to your desired location. While ground anchors are included if you wish to secure the system in one place, they are not necessary for overall stability.

Additional Information

Adjustable Height 2.28m to 3.05m (7'7" to 10')
Rim Material Solid Steel
Base Capacity 145 litre
Backboard Size 111cm x 76cm
Backboard Material Polycarbonate
Portable Yes
Suited For All Ages
Ball Size Required Up to Size 7 (full size)
Net Type 12 loop
Rim Type Compression Spring
Rim Diameter 45.72cm
Pole Sections 3 pieces
Protective Pole Pad Included
Pole Thickness 7.62cm

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