No Stink Sports Shoe Deodorisers


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The No Stink Sports Shoe Deodorisers will help extend the life of your footwear by keeping them fresh, dry and stink free. Unlike many deodorisers that just mask smell, No Stink absorbs moisture and removes the bacteria that cause bad smells. After your workout, or a long day, simply place one of the pouches inside each shoe.

Sold as a pair, the pouches are mildly fragranced with a lime scent. They are ideal for all kinds of footwear including gym shoes, football boots, trainers, work shoes and more.

Additional Information

Extends the life of footwear by keeping them fresh, dry and stink free
Made from non-toxic, eco friendly bamboo and activated charcoal
Activated charcoal is highly effective in absorbing moisture
Anti-bacterial to prevent bad smells
Pouches can be placed in the sun once per month for 1-2 hours to recharge
Mildly fragranced lime scent
Each deodoriser is 15cm x 5.5cm
Colour: Green
Sold as a pair

Customer Reviews

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Gillian S.
Trainer tamer

Great product and works well, I’ve got a pair of trainers that I have put throughout the washing machine a couple of times now but it made no difference. My son recommend I try these as he has football boots that were very smelly until he bought the deodorisers and they worked well.
They have worked for me as well, took a couple of days to make a difference but I think there brilliant and would definitely recommend them.