Polar H9 Heart Rate Monitor


The Polar H9 heart rate monitor and strap is perfect for getting an accurate heart rate reading whilst you train. It connects to a wide range of devices thanks to Bluetooth, ANT+ and 5kHz technology and is compatible with sport and smart watches, iphones, top fitness apps, gym equipment and can even be connected to Bluetooth and ANT+ devices simultaneously. It can also be used if your gym uses the Polar Club group heart rate system. 

This heart rate monitor provides reliable and highly accurate heart rate monitoring as well as accurate calorie burn and the 400 hours of battery life will allow around a year of use when training for an hour per day. Use the monitor with Polar Beat to get motivating feedback after trainings sessions, test your fitness levels,  see how your running performance is developing and know your calories used.

The monitor is water resistant to 30m so can also be used when swimming. This heart rate monitor is available in a choice of chest strap size: XS-S (54-66cm) or M-XXL (66-95cm).

Additional Information

Accurate heart rate monitor
400 hours battery life
Bluetooth, ANT+ and 5kHz connectivity
Compatible with iOS mobiles, iPhone5S and later
Works with Bluetooth 4.0 and Android 6.0 or later
Connects to top training apps
Polar soft strap included
30m water resistant
Choice of chest strap size: XS-S or M-XXL