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Polar Stride Sensor Bluetooth Smart

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The Polar Stride Sensor with Bluetooth Smart is designed for runners who want to improve their technique and performance. Simply attach the sensor to your shoe when running on your treadmill, on the track, the road or cross-country and track your speed, distance and stride length with either a compatible sports watch or the Polar beat app.

Due to its compact size, the Polar Stride Sensor fits firmly on to your shoelace and thanks to its shock and water resistant properties, can handle the most demanding runs. Perfect for measuring every stride you take to show you your speed and distance, the sensor can help you improve your running technique by showing your running cadence and stride length. Using Polar’s unique Running Index feature, the sensor also shows you how your running performance changes.

Additional Information

Compatible with iPhone 4S and later
Compatible with dozens of leading fitness apps, including Polar Beat
Shock resistant
Water resistant
2 year manufacturer warranty