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Reebok Double Sided 4mm Yoga Mat - Blue Stripes

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The Reebok Double-Sided 4mm Yoga Mat combines comfort with self-expression. With its striking blue and white reversible stripe chic design, you're sure to be the envy of your yoga class.

The 4mm thickness provides effective cushioning for the hands, feet and knees, ensuring you feel good and look great when working out. Featuring a non-slip 'sticky' surface, you will be able to maintain a stable posture and good balance, especially during more challenging moves.

Measuring 173 x 61cm, this exercise mat is suitable for users of all ages and ability. It is easy to clean and can be rolled up for transport and storage after use.

Additional Information

Dimensions: L 173 x W 61cm
4mm thickness
Reversible design with blue and white stripes
Non-slip sticky texture to help you maintain pose
Easy to clean, transport and store