Reebok Flexlock Ankle Weights 0.5kg

£15.99 £20.00

Increase the intensity of your training with the Reebok flexlock ankle weights for more challenging workouts and better results. The added resistance will tax your muscular and cardio endurance whilst toning your legs.

Designed with flexible locking technology, the 0.5kg ankle weights offer a comfortable fit with locked in security. The isolated pouches sit only on the outside of the wrap for a tighter, more comfortable fit. The wraparound hook and loop strap ensures the weights stay put throughout the most energetic sessions.
Additional Information

Pair of 0.5kg ankle weights
Unique design combines a flexible fit with locked in security
Secure wraparound hook and loop strap
Isolated weight pouches allow a tighter fit
Silicone gripped inner for total grip
Colour: Black/red