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Reebok Flexlock Wrist Weights 1kg


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Push your workouts to the next level with the Reebok 1kg flexlock wrist weights. Ideal for a huge range of exercises, wrist weights can increase the intensity of any bodyweight workout for better and faster results.

The weights are built with flexible locking technology that combines a comfortable fit with locked in security. The isolated pouches sit only on the outside of the wrap, creating a tighter fit for improved comfort and performance. Sold as a pair, the 1kg wrist weights also include a wraparound hook and loop strap to keep them in place.
Additional Information

Pair of 1kg wrist weights
Unique design combines a flexible fit with locked in security
Elasticated thumb loop
Secure wraparound hook and loop strap
Isolated weight pouches allow a tighter fit
Colour: Black/red