Reebok Studio Adjustable Resistance Tube - Heavy

£15.49 £20.99

The Reebok Adjustable Resistance Tube from the Reebok Studio range is a fantastic addition for your workout routine. It's perfect to improve muscle strength and tone as well as for rehabilitation purposes. Resistance bands are a brilliant alternative to heavy and space-consuming dumbbells.

This tube comes with heavy resistance and boasts high density, anti-sweat handles which give you a wonderful grip during your workout. The tube is made from 100% natural rubber and will stand up to serious use. It's also easily length adjustable to suit the height of the user.

Additional Information

Heavy resistance level
100% natural and durable rubber construction
Adjustable to suit height of user (147cm full length)
Soft ergonomic grip, anti-sweat handles for comfort
Versatile training tool
Ideal for both upper and lower body exercises
Useful for strength, muscle toning, warm-up, and rehabilitation purposes
Colour: Black tube, grey handles