Reebok Studio Power Tube - Level 2

£18.99 £26.00

The Reebok Power Tube Level 2 is ideal for a variety of fitness activities and is perfect for the effective targeting of any muscle group. It can be used for strength, toning, warm-up or rehabilitation purposes. Power tubes can be used as a great addition to your home or gym workout routine and can be used instead of or along side dumbbells and free weights.

The tube is 156cm in length and features a protective outer sleeve. It is small and lightweight making it easy to transport and store and can also be used in the smallest of spaces.

Available in 5 resistance levels (sold separately) with level 5 being the heaviest, this level 2 power tube is the second lightest.

Additional Information

Level 2 power tube
Perfect for toning, strength or rehabilitation
Multi purpose use to target any muscle group
156cm in length
Easy to carry and store