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Reebok Weight Lifting Straps

The Reebok Weight Lifting Straps are perfect for supporting your grip when performing pull movement exercises such as deadlifts or pull ups. They are designed to boost your workout by helping you to achieve the maximum volume from each set. By removing grip as the limiting factor they also help you focus the tension on the muscles you are trying to work, rather than on your grip.

These straps are made from durable woven material and will reduce fatigue in the grip and forearms, helping you lift more. They feel soft and comfortable and have a secure loop fastening to help you put them on and off quickly. The straps are 55cm long and 4cm wide and come in a choice of colour: black or white.

Additional Information

55 cm length
4cm width
Durable woven material
Looped fastening
Pair of straps
Reduces grip fatigue
Soft feel for comfort
Colour: Black or White