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Sorbothane Double Strike Insoles


The Sorbothane Double Strike insoles help to alleviate the effects of shockwaves which are produced whilst exercising through a dual action, shock absorbing solution. These shockwaves can result in stress fractures, knee pain, tendonitis, stress fractures and back and joint pain. Limiting trauma to the body, Sorbothane Double Strike insoles provide appropriate support and alignment, cushioning the feet and encouraging pain relief throughout the body. The inbuilt heel cup and comfort contour offers shock absorbing properties. Sorbothane absorbs 94.7% of shockwaves whilst the unique viscoelastic material encourages dispersal of shockwaves laterally rather than through the body, helping to prevent injury.

The COOLMAX ventilating fabric featured in the Sorbothane Double Strike insoles, draws moisture away from the body during high impact activity. In addition to removing moisture from the skin, the antibacterial top sheet allows for optimal comfort and hygiene whilst preventing odours forming in the shoe. Fits most sports shoes, Sorbothane Double Strike insoles are lightweight and can be used in place of, or in addition to the existing insole and can be trimmed to fit as required. Available in a selection of sizes.
Additional Information

Pair of Sorbothane Double Strike insoles
Can be used as replacement or in addition to existing insoles
Helps provide correct support, alignment, and cushioning in the feet, specifically in the forefoot and heel area
Designed for high impact activities such as rugby, netball, hiking and more
COOLMAX fabric provides ventilation and breathability by drawing moisture away from the body
Antibacterial top sheet helps minimise odour
Machine wash at 30°
Latex free
Trim to fit
Available in a range of sizes

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