Sorbothane Single Strike Insoles


The Sorbothane Single Strike Shoe Insoles are designed for activities such as walking and golf where the heel is subjected to the most impact. The inbuilt comfort contour and heel cup provides concentrated shock absorption to protect the joints from harmful shockwaves that occur every time the foot strikes the ground.

Suitable as either a replacement or additional insole, the Single Strike insoles offer supreme comfort while helping to improve performance. They feature the world-class Sorbothane polymer which deforms to disperse shockwaves laterally on impact rather than up and through the body, providing pain relief and helping prevent injury.

The Single Strike insoles are latex free, can be easily trim to fit and include an antibacterial top sheet that helps prevent odour from forming in the shoes.
Additional Information

Pair of Sorbothane Single Strike Shoe Insoles
Can be used in addition to or as a replacement of the original insole
Designed for activities where the heel is subjected to the most impact
Ideal for multiple sports including walking and golf
Antibacterial top sheet helps minimise odour
Trim to fit
Machine wash at 30°
Latex free
Available in a range of sizes