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Sorbothane Sorbo Pro Insoles

£21.99 £24.00

The Sorbothane Sorbo Pro shoe insoles provide ultimate protection to allow its user to reach their highest level of performance. The Sorbo Pro insoles centre the user's geometry by aligning, cushioning and supporting the sole of the foot. The stabilising arch provides a biomechanics fit which helps reduce excessive foot pronation and strain to plantar ligaments and muscles.

This replacement shoe insole is great for athletes, sports people and fitness enthusiasts as it protects joints, including the knees and ankles, from harmful shockwaves that are produced every time the foot impacts the ground during sport and exercise. Sorbothane absorbs 94.7% of shockwaves by dispersing them laterally rather than through the body.

The Coolmax® fabric helps wick moisture away from the body for improved breathability while the antibacterial top sheet prevents odours in the shoe. The insoles can be trimmed to fit, are machine washable and contain no latex.
Additional Information

Pair of Sorbothane replacement insoles
Ideal for sports people and fitness enthusiasts
Coolmax® technology
Antibacterial top sheet helps minimise odour
Trim to fit
Machine wash at 30°
Latex free
Available in a range of sizes