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Talbot-Torro Arrowspeed 399 Badminton Racket

£28.99 £37.99

The Talbot-Torro Arrowspeed 399 Badminton Racket is an excellent choice for ambitious beginners and is well suited for all-round players. It is made from 100% high quality graphite resulting in an extremely lightweight racket. It is a one piece construction meaning there is no weakness between the head and shaft.

The Arrowspeed 399 offers medium shaft flexibility for a good compromise between control and power, making it a great option for the all-round player. Its slightly angular triangle head makes the racket more torsionally stiff and balls hit off-centre will not twist as much allowing for greater control when striking. The aerodynamic frame shape also allows for improved acceleration.

The Arrowspeed 399 racket is strung with the multifilament Talbot-Torro 0.8mm Galaxy string which is durable and elastic. The maximum recommended tension is 9kg. The racket only weighs 84g unstrung and 89g strung.
Additional Information

Excellent choice for ambitious beginners and all-round players
Made from 100% high quality graphite
Extremely lightweight
Medium shaft flexibility
Offers good balance between control and power
Triangle head profile
Aerodynamic frame shape for improved acceleration
Strung with Talbot-Torro 0.8mm Galaxy string
Weight: 84g unstrung, 89g strung
Colour: Black/orange
Dimensions: 67cm (L) x 19.5cm (W) x 3cm (H)

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