TheraBand Resistance Band Extra Light


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The TheraBand Professional Latex Resistance Band Extra Light is perfect for rehabilitation, toning or strengthening. Using this latex band as part of an injury recovery programme allows you to slowly work muscles and joints in a controlled way and get you exercising again.

It can help improve flexibility and range of motion as well as being used in a wide variety of strengthening exercises. It can also be used to warm up muscles before exercising or to cool down after a workout. It is a good alternative to free weights with the advantage of being lightweight and easy to store and transport.

This tan coloured band is available to buy in different lengths: 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m cut from a dispenser roll or as a whole 46m roll. The bands come as straight strips but can easily be knotted to form loops. It is made from high quality latex rubber and is approx 12.5cm wide.

TheraBand resistance bands are available in 8 different colours and strengths with this Extra Thin band being the lightest.

Additional Information

Great for rehabilitation, toning and strengthening
Extra light resistance
Tan colour band
Made from high quality latex rubber
Available in a choice of length: 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 46m
Resistance: 2.4lb at 100% elongation
Colour: Tan

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mary s. (United Kingdom)
Theraband extra ĺight

Price and delivery excellent. I have R A and finger strength very poor. This band is great as it gives me the low resistance I need to start the strengthening process and your company were the only one who offered it