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TheraPearl Hot and Cold Ankle/Wrist Wrap with Strap


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The TheraPearl Hot and Cold Ankle/Wrist Wrap is the perfect solution for relief from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, inflammation, bruising, swellings and sprains. Reusable, it can be heated or frozen and helps to ease a variety of pain in just 20 minutes use.

Filled with pliable gel pearls, it conforms comfortably to your body, even when frozen. The hot therapy is ideal easing joint stiffness, muscle pain, aches ,muscle spasm, joint stiffness as well as pre workout activity. The cold therapy is perfect for bruising, muscle strains and pulls, sprains and inflammation as well as post workout activity. 

TheraPearl hot & cold packs offer soothing relief for muscle aches and joint pain along with menstrual pain and more. From upper and lower back pain, pulled hamstring or pulled quads to sore ankles after running, there’s a TheraPearl pack to meet your needs.

TheraPearl packs come in 8 designs, all shaped differently to comfortably fit the particular part of the body requiring pain relief. When frozen, the TheraPearl pack is cold enough to offer ice therapy whilst maintaining flexibility, remaining smooth and soft on the skin whilst delivering soothing relief from aches and pains. When heated in a microwave, the TheraPearl pack is perfect for encouraging blood flow, relaxing stiff muscles and encouraging healing, without mess. TheraPearl packs are reusable and easy to use.

Additional Information

Suitable for ankle and wrist pain
Relieves arthritis/tendonitis
Relieves carpal tunnel syndrome
Relieves sprains/swelling
Conforms easily to your body
Can be heated or frozen
Non toxic
Dimensions: 13.83" x 4.25"

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