Sorry, this item has been discontinued

UXT Adjustable Ab Straps

The UXT Ab Straps are a a great way to get a little help to target your upper and lower abs, obliques and entire core. Just use the easy hook and loop fastening to connect the slings to your chin-up bar, pull-up bar, power tower or door gym. Then place your arms through the straps, grip your workout bar and hang. The slings will help take your body weight whilst you exercise so you do not need to worry about sweaty palms or a loosening grip cutting short your abdominal training.

Using hanging exercises to target the core does not place stress on your spine like conventional floor-based sit-ups and crunches do, making them safer and highly effective. Sold as a pair and made from durable, heavy duty canvas, the straps are padded to give you maximum comfort and protection whilst you are hanging.

Additional Information

Pair of UXT ab straps
Attaches to pull up bars, power towers and door gyms
Takes your weight during hanging exercises
Target upper and lower abs, obliques and entire core
Made from heavy duty sweat resistant canvas
Extra thick padding improved weight distribution and comfort
Adjustable hook and loop fastenings
Lightweight and easily portable
One size fits all
Colour: Black