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UXT Rotating Push Up Bars

The UXT Ultimate Rotating Push Up Bars provide a simple yet very effective way to strengthen and tone your chest, arms, shoulders, back, and abs.

The raised handles reduce stress on the wrists while allowing for a greater range of motion. This deeper stretch increases muscle activation for better results. The intensity of your workout can be varied by changing the distance between the push up handles or by using blocks to raise your legs whilst exercising.

The smooth rotation of the push up grips encourages your body to move more naturally and safely with improved form. It also helps shift the tension to the muscles you want to target, rather than to those you don’t.

For comfort and safety, each push up stand has a solid 20cm diameter non-slip base with rubber stabilisers. The 12cm long and 3cm wide handles can be used on all floor surfaces and are suitable for users of fitness levels. They are also lightweight and compact meaning they can easily be packed in your gym bag or stored at home when not in use.

Additional Information

Rotating push up bars
Smooth rotation
Increase muscle engagement
Promotes proper form
Raised handles reduce stress on wrists
Encourage natural body movement
20cm diameter non-slip base
Handles: L 12 x W 3cm
Compact and lightweight
Sold as a pair
Colour: Black