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UXT Ultimate Bicep Isolator

The UXT Ultimate Bicep Isolator is designed for enforce correct positioning during your bicep workout to ensure you get the best results from your arm training. By keeping your elbows and back in the correct position during bicep curls, the biceps blaster ensures that you do not rely on swinging momentum to complete your reps. This optimally isolates the biceps instead of using your shoulder or back muscles to assist. It also keeps constant tension on the biceps which forces them to work harder for a better pump and maximum gains.

The stylish UXT Bicep Isolator includes an adjustable strap and features padded neck and arm rests for comfort.

Additional Information

Isolates the biceps during bicep curls
Enforces correct form
Keeps elbows in the correct position
Forces biceps to work harder
Adjustable strap
Padded neck and arm rests
Colour: Black