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UXT Ultimate Grip Weight Lifting Hooks

The UXT Ultimate Grip Weight Lifting Hooks help you lift more weight and perform more repetitions by removing weak grip as a limiting factor. Ideal for a variety of exercises including deadlifts, rows, shrugs, rack pulls and pull ups, the lifting hooks ensure that you keep hold of the bar throughout the set. They allow you to lift beyond the strength of your grip by effectively attaching the weight to your wrists and hands.

These hook lifting straps are made with solid steel hooks which grip your barbell, dumbbell or pull up bar. The heavy duty webbing and high quality hook and loop system that wraps around your wrists ensure you maintain a secure slip-proof grip whilst you train.

Because you are not using your energy to maintain a strong grip, you can focus better on using proper form which in turn will help target the muscles you intend to hit rather than unintentionally straining the wrists and forearms.

Sold as a pair, the UXT Ultimate Grip Hook Lifting Straps are highly durable for intense workout sessions. They are also lightweight for easy storage and transport from your home to the gym.

Additional Information

Pair of Ultimate Grip hook lifting straps
Helps you lift more weight and perform more repetitions
Ideal for many exercises including deadlifts, shrugs and rows
Removes the limitations of grip fatigue
Target the muscle groups you want
Solid steel hooks
High quality webbing and wrist wrap fastening system
Moisture-free, slip-proof grip
Durable and lightweight
Colour: Black