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UXT Ultimate Power Tower

The UXT Ultimate Power Tower packs a complete home gym into one freestanding unit. It features an 8-grip pull up station, dipping station, VKR (vertical knee raise) station, push up station and parallels station.

Pull ups and chin ups are excellent exercises to work the back, biceps, forearms and shoulders. The UXT Ultimate Power Tower features an 8-grip position pull up station so you can train your back, arms and shoulders from a range of angles for varied workouts and improved results. The grip positions are: pull up (pronated grip) wide, chin up (supinated grip) wide, pull up standard, chin up standard, neutral, reverse neutral, V-grip, close V-grip.

The workout tower includes a dipping station with high density foam grips for comfort and an improved grip. It is used to perform dips which is a great triceps and chest exercise. Unlike with many other power towers, the dipping station faces away from the 8-grip pull up bar which allows you to use full range of motion without the worry of hitting your head on the pull up bar.

The VKR station allows you to perform vertical knee raises and leg raises to work the abdominals and obliques. The oversized thick arm pads and backrest ensure maximum comfort during your ab workouts.

At the base of the power tower are push up handles which allow you to perform push ups with a greater range of motion for a greater stretch and increased muscle activation. It also puts your wrist in a safer position to help prevent injury. The handles feature high density foam grips for comfort. The low connector bracket design means you can perform push ups from two directions to suit your home gym setup.

In addition the the push up handles, a parallels station is included at the base of the workout tower. Parallels located close to the ground enable you to perform L-sits and gymnastic moves safely. They also doubles up as a “step boost” to help you on the VKR and dip stations.

Additional Information

5 independent workout stations for total upper body training
8-grip position pull up bar, vertical knee raise station, dip station, parallels station and push up station
Grip positions: pull up (pronated grip) wide, chin up (supinated grip) wide, pull up standard, chin up standard, neutral, reverse neutral, V-grip, V-grip close
Two side design for safe VKR and pull up training
Premium quality non-slip high density foam grips
Thick cushions on VKR arm pads and backrest
Non-slip protective rubber feet
Designed for home use
Freestanding design
Step by step illustrated assembly manual for easy installation
Maximum user weight: 100kg
Dimensions (maximum): H 213cm x W 104 x D 170cm