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UXT Wide Ab Wheel with Pro-Grip Rubber Tread

The UXT Wide Ab Wheel is an easy to use and highly effective training tool to targeting your abs, obliques and entire core. As you roll the ab wheel away from your body and back again you will feel your abdominals, arms, shoulders and back really starting to work. The exercise forces your core muscles to work together and contract as a group for optimal results. It will even hit those hard to reach lower abdominals without the need for endless sit-ups or crunches.

Great for toning and strengthening, the UXT heavy duty exercise wheel features a specially-designed pro-grip rubber tyre which offers more grip on the floor than traditional ab wheels. This means that you can enjoy your fitness routine without being concerned that the ab wheel will slip from beneath you.

Two soft grip foam handles provide added comfort while the extra wide wheel provides improved stability as you workout. Compact and lightweight, it can be packed into a gym bag or can be easily stored at home when not in use.

Additional Information

Highly effective for targeting abs, obliques and entire core
Wide wheel for stable movement and better control
Pro-grip rubber tread with aqua jet pattern for increased traction
Non-skid design for improved grip and safety
Heavy duty construction for long term use
Anti-slip air flow foam handles
Steel internal handle bar with centrally balanced wheel
Soft grip foam handles for added comfort
Colour: Black